Definition of Science Fiction Romance

Science Fiction Romance, within the context of this blog, is any original work of fiction that contains futuristic or imaginative settings where technology (not magic) and human or alien characters are the focus (not vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters or other fantasy characters).

This may include any of the following:
  • alien romance
  • alternate history romance
  • apocalyptic romance
  • biopunk romance (with science fiction elements)
  • contemporary science fiction romance
  • cyborg romance
  • erotica science fiction romance
  • futuristic romance (must include science fiction elements)
  • interstellar adventure romance
  • military science fiction romance
  • medical science fiction romance
  • near future science fiction romance
  • space opera romance
  • science fantasy romance (must include science fiction elements)
  • steam punk romance
  • time travel romance
  • Young Adult in any of the above
  • New Adult in any of the above
All submissions must contain romance or romantic elements with a happy or happy-for-now resolution. The exception is serialized novels where the book must be clearly labeled as: Part 1 of X of the serialized novel, [Title]. Erotica or romance with erotica elements is acceptable as long as it meets the other criteria outlined above.

Excerpts must be "G" rated for all ages.

Slipstream or cross-genre work will be considered as long as it contains significant aspects of speculative or futuristic science, technology or elements that would classify it as science fiction rather than a work of fantasy.

If you have any questions on the guidelines, please contact leave a comment or contact the Science Fiction Romance Preview via email at SFRPreview @ gmail . dom (without the spaces). Allow 72 hours for a reply.
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